Smarten Your Workplace

Freespace enables users to adapt faster to an Agile workspace.

Making Agile Work

Its quite common for businesses to adopt Agile without anticipating its unintended consequences. For office users, the anxiety associated with losing a permanent workspace is compounded by the necessity to learn a new way of working. When the consultants supporting the project leave, there is little guidance besides the initial briefing and a pretty looking welcome pack. Without the ongoing support, old habits creep back and the space is no longer used in the way it was meant to be.

Freespace helps users to overcome this challenge by provinding timely information to assist the intended behaviour changes while enforcing the new policies fairly for all.

Power to the User

Freespace puts the information about availability of a space directly in the hands of the office user. An unoccupied space is given the ability register as available on our cloud platform and to sense for user presence. As soon as presence is detected, the system switches off until the space is left unoccupied for a preset period of time. Freed spaces are made available for the next user.

Enable policy implementation

Freespace helps reinforcing policies fairly for all. Meeting rooms not occupied within 20 minutes of the booked start time are automatically released. Task desks left unused for 2 hours are made available for others. You can even create rules for specific departments. Whatever your policy, we will ensure it is applied uniformly for everyone.

Find the best spaces

Every activity needs an appropriate workspace. Focus work requires quiet spaces. Collaboration requires friendly group areas. As a user it is difficult for you to forecast how your needs may change during the course of the day. With Freespace, users are given a choice to search for an appropriate space when they need it. Yay!

Alerts and reminders

Giving knowledge to the office user empowers them. Should I work from home or go into the office? Which floor is busy? Hows it looking today? How is it looking now? Freespace gives the users general information about the office to help them make the right decisions at the right time.

Request a Freespace Trial

You can now install Freespace in your office for a three month period with no further obligation. All for a simple fixed fee. For full details please send us your details and we will be in touch with a suitable package to include Freespace modules, a live display of your floor space and access to the Freespace portal for utlisation analytics.