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Benefit from specifying, reselling, collaborating or integrating with our solution.

Why partner

At FREESPACE we want to stick with what we are best at. Our solution is versatile in that it does a stellar job in making a space smart; but the benefits of the work can be used by many experts in different ways. And for that reason we would like to partner with you.
If you play any of the roles below there is a clear reason to partner. If not, call us anyway because we are sure we have not foreseen all the uses for our system!

Workplace Consultants

Freespace can provide you with a powerful tool to assist in your change management program. By combining the use of the platform with your expertise you can offer unprecedented insight into the effectiveness of the programs you undertake for your clients.

Designers and Architects

Freespace could become an integral part of your design strategy. Clients want evidence that a solution is working. By incorporating technology into the workspace you provide another avenue to engage the end user in the new design and bring its performance to life through visual presentation of live usage.

System Integrators

Our system provides a specific data set that can integrate seamlessly with your solution to provide invaluable information to various stakeholders. We publish open 3rd party APIs that can integrate directly with our platform. Watch this space!

Facilities & Property Management

As an FM supplier, you are constantly on the lookout to add value to your services. By introducing our solution to your client, you can elevate yourself above a provider of basic labour services to a level where you are using workspace intelligence in your overall offering.

Partner Tools

We have several tools that help you get started with Freespace. Our Demonstration Kit is an easy way to get started with testing and integrating Freespace with your offering. We have detailed instructions and mobile apps to help you implement an efficient and speedy installation. The FreespaceAPI offers seamless integration with your own offering.

The FreespaceAPI allows connection of data networks using a highly scalable RESTful JSON webservice made available to our partner companies. With the FreespaceAPI you can make calls to get status of your space portfolio and directly feed to your decision management systems. We have ongoing integrations with Room Booking Systems, Space Management Systems, IWMS, BMS and FM Services Management Systems.

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The Demo Pack
The Demo Pack is a quick way to get started with Freespace. This comprehensive package has all the elements of Freespace rolled up into a self contained solution. There is no training or preparation needed from your end. Just open the box, power up, install the modules per our instructions and send your floor plan to be updated on our backend. You can implement a working solution before you design your client's scaling up strategy.

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The Freespace Installer App
The Freespace Installer App allows you to configure Freespace modules so that they connect to the local WiFi which is within or outside the Client's infrastructure. The App also allows you to assign the modules to specific floors across the portfolio. Once added the modules can be mapped to a specific desk in the back end. The app is available on the IOS and the Android app store. You will need an installer key that can be issued by the Account holder.

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